UGro is a brand of Simply Organic S.L., cocopeat manufacturer and supplier. The company has been dedicated to providing excellent growing medium for both beginners and expert gardeners since 2003. Our products have been praised by our customers for their constant high quality. Our coconut palm tree plantations are located in India, far away from the coast, in a salt-free environment, and thus guaranteeing the low EC level in all products.

UGro and environment

UGro is a range of high quality coco substrates that is 100% organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. All our products are peat-free, meaning using UGro will help you reduce your carbon footprint and preserve peatlands.

Moreover, the coir is easy to dispose of once it has been used. UGro is the perfect solution for an environmentally friendly and organic culture.

Our quality

All our products are made of UGroLab premium quality cocopeat. That gives you the guarantee of a constant homogeneity throughout all our product range and the same quality, pack after pack. Our guarantees to you:

1.  Homogeneity.
2.  A consistently high quality.
3.  Washed in unsalted water and far from the sea.
4.  Perfectly controlled conductivity.

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