Product range

UGro substrates are obtained by crushing and processing the outermost shell of the coconut and can be used as an alternative option to the more traditional substrates. They offer excellent water retention and airing properties that help the root system and plant to grow faster. Being a sustainable and biodegradable organic matter means they also have natural trichodermas, a microorganism that fights root rot and stimulates the growth of your plant.

Disc Grow bag Brick Block Loose Grow Bag Grow bag Grow bag
75 ml 0.8-3 L 11 L 70 L 50 L 12 L 4-9 L 15 L
8-10 g 90-400 g 650 g 5 kg 10-15 kg 2.6 kg 500-900 g 1.6 kg
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