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Meet XL Organic! Our new coconut substrate, made from organic certified raw material and OMRI listed!

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Plant. Grow. Care.

UGro is a range of high quality coconut substrates, that is peat-free, biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is designed to help you achieve best results with rooting, growing and flowering while caring for the environment. Using UGro will help you reduce your carbon footprint and preserve peatlands, home to many rare organisms and a vital habitat for birds, dragonflies and plants.

Optimal water-to-air ratio

UGro has excellent water retention and airing properties that help the root system and the plant to grow faster.

Trichoderma harzianum

Naturally rich in Trichoderma harzianum, a microorganism that fights root rot and stimulates the growth of your plant.

Low EC levels

Washed with soft water and made of raw materials from plantations located far from the coast, in a salt-free environment. This guarantees low EC levels.

Buffered solution

Treated to reduce sodium and potassium levels. This ensures that nutrients you use are directly available to plant.

UGroCoco is a brand of Simply Organic S.L.